Sports Field Consultancy

Synthetic sports field design of pavement platforms

Ground Science has extensive experience in designing appropriate fill platforms for synthetic playing fields in weak and reactive soils. It is common for a turf field, once constructed over swampy ground, old land fill sites and deep uncontrolled fill areas to be converted into a synthetic pitch. While the site was a turf field, undulations or settlements are not readily sighted and depressions may be top dressed to fill low points. Synthetic fields are constructed to very tight tolerances and minor settlements are easily seen from the side lines. An appropriate fill platform design is required based on soil types and drainage characteristics rather than ability to support traffic loadings. Sports field engineering is very unique and it is common for geotechnical consultants to over design or fail to have a true understanding of this engineering field. With extensive experience in both forensic auditing of problem fields and detailed knowledge through our vast research experience, Ground Science should be your first point of call.

Field & Laboratory Testing

Ground Science has considerable knowledge in soil physics related to turf sporting facilities, synthetic playing surfaces and pavement platforms, sand track facilities used in the horse racing industry, equestrian arenas, grey hound racing tracks and associated leisure facilities. We are Australia’s leading sport field testing laboratory with National and International experience and are Accredited importers of soil and water samples for testing.Ground Science have over 33 years’ experience in assisting designers, curators, operators, ground managers and consultants solve the complicated issues associated with these facilities.

  • Consultancy & Design – Turf or Synthetic
  • Agronomy
  • Sports field investigations
  • Moisture Release Curve
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
  • AS 4419
  • Aeration Porosity
  • Bunker Sand Assessment suite
  • Cricket Wicket soil suites
  • Chemical testing
  • Permenant Wilting Point, Plant available water, porosities
  • Stability
  • Gravel drainage rates
  • Research trials
  • International soil importing licence

Typical problem solving includes:

  • Perched water table design profiles;
  • Problems with unstable sands
  • Problems with newly constructed field including drainage issues
  • Sand selections for the correct application
  • Cricket wicket soils – forensic testing or quality control
  • Golf courses – Green and  Bunker sand selections
  • Equine arena’s and training facilities
  • Research work on new products or product comparisons

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