Ground Science ability to deliver simultaneously these two significant projects clearly display our ability through our management system and our experienced team of both field and laboratory base technical staff, to support VicRoads pre-qualification scheme, whilst ensuring we deliver the level of quality assurance required for major infrastructure projects.

We are one of the state’s most capable and preferred Geotechnical partners of choice.

Melton Highway level crossing removal Project, Sydenham

The project includes a new road bridge which will provide three traffic lanes, bike lanes and footpaths in each direction.

By raising the road over the rail line, the project will create paths and open space that will better connect the neighborhood, which was a key issue raised by the local community during consultation. The new bridge will carry vehicles safely over the train line, removing the dangerous crossing that frustrates thousands of motorists every day.

A new two-way slip lane on the northern side of the highway with a signalised intersection at Overton Lea Boulevard, will allow motorists travelling along Victoria Road and Sydenham Road to access Melton Highway.

Princes Highway Duplication Section 2, Armytage to Warncoort

This significant joint Federal & State funded project includes the design and construction of 15Km of new highway. This stage, known as Section 2, is one of four stages being delivered under the $363 million Princes Highway duplication between Winchelsea and Colac. Key features of this project include:

  • 15Km of new Highway
  • The construction of a new bridge and strengthening of the existing bridge at the rail crossing near Armytage
  • construction of two new bridges over Birregurra Creek and the removal of the railway level crossing near Warncoort

Offering a more detailed assessment of this project, below are some typical deliverables associated with the construction phase of this project;

  • General Fill (Earthworks) – Approximately 860,000m3 cut to fill (Including requirements for imported materials)
  • Capping (Type A materials) – Approximately 225,000 tonnes
  • Pavement materials (Crushed Rock) – Approximately 460,000 tonnes
  • 4 Bridges (Including REW construction)
  • Significant Storm Water Drainage

Ground Science would like to congratulate BMD Constructions on being awarded these two significant projects and our experienced team looks forward to supporting BMD in ensuring this project is a success.

For more information contact Troy Carnovale 0450 925 137