Geotechnical capabilities

Our Geotechnical specialists are a people-oriented team ready and willing to provide informed solutions for our clients. By engaging us, you enjoy timely deliverance, attention to detail and comprehensive explanations where needed to understand our course of action, or in response to on-going site issues. We are well versed in residential, commercial and infrastructure projects, and we take pride in involving our clients in a professional yet good-natured environment.

Ground Science can deliver projects from the feasibility stage to post-construction support and consultation with a broad range of key geotechnical services provided by Principals, Chartered Professional Engineers, Senior Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists.

Key services

Pavement Profile Design for residential or commercial roads including major arterials, CIRCLY analysis and compliance to Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology, VicRoads and Municipal Guidelines with capabilities to assist major road widening and/or reconstruction projects
Detailed Subsurface Soil & Rock Investigations including shallow and/or deep borehole investigations, supervision of specialist drilling rigs & rock coring, test pit excavations including SPT capabilities, push tube sampling and disturbed/bulk sampling.
Site Classifications from small to large scale residential and commercial subdivisions including advice on footing design and key geotechnical considerations
Footings inspections to assist contractors in complying with structural and geotechnical design requirements, with inspections ranging from shallow to deep footings, rail substructures, gantries and light towers

Earthworks Consulting including Level 1 and Level 2 Sampling, Inspection & Testing (AS3798), material compliance testing and detailed earthworks processes such as landfill capping or wetland construction.
Crane Bog Mat Sizing & Piling Rig Platform Design in accordance with AS1289, AS3798 and the BRE Guidelines with assessments made on crane bog mat sizing, granular working platforms for piling rigs and subgrade inspections and advice
Sportsfield Investigation & Design Ground Science are market leaders and innovators in the engineering of synthetic playing fields and facilities with unique and cost-effective designs. We are leading the way in innovative designs and risk management with an extensive portfolio of successful projects
Slope Stability analysis including embankment modelling, landslide risk assessments, landslip assessments, erosion management overlay recommendations, embankment stability and modelling using Slope/W
Project Technical Specifications for a variety of development elements including wetlands, retarding basins, clay liners, MRWA sewer backfill procedures and bulk or detailed earthworks processes
Desktop Geotechnical, Geological &
Geomorphological Studies
including development feasibility studies, site reconnaissance, high level information to assist planning and/or acquisition stages

Pavement Investigation with capabilities to undertake pavement dipping excavations, granular layer sampling and analysis for reuse and analysis on subgrade characteristics including Dynamic Cone & Perth Sand Penetrometer testing. We have assisted VicRoads and other municipalities over a broad range of pavement design and rehabilitation projects
Pavement Rehabilitation Design for existing serviceable pavements and assessing the opportunity to reuse existing pavement material to present sustainable rehabilitation solutions including asphalt overlays, granular overlays, stabilisation and full reconstruction options