Environmental capabilities

Ground Science provides specialist environmental consulting services for a wide range of contaminated land and environmental management projects. Our Environmental Group utilises the extensive national and international experience of Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientists and Engineering Geologists.

We work directly with clients representing land developers, consultants, contractors, service providers and government bodies to demonstrate that our assessment and consultation can lead to improved project outcomes. The capacity to be involved with initial planning, intrusive drilling, environmental sampling, technical interpretation, and communication of findings assist with our ability to provide environmental compliance and risk aversion for our client’s projects.

Ground Science is committed to upholding quality assurance and health and safety excellence standards through ongoing development. Our team are active members of professional organisations including Australian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) and Engineers Australia.

Key services

Contaminated site investigations consider the potential presence and impact of site contamination may be required through a planning condition, owner due diligence or a feasibility study. The scope of an investigation may range from a desktop study and inspection (PSI / Phase 1 ESA) to soil, groundwater and vapour characterisation                      (DSI / Phase 2 ESA).
Site remediation and environmental management to ensure the protection of human health and the environment while meeting project deliverables. Remediation may include risk assessment, in-situ treatments or ex-situ treatments. Ground Science can provide remedial planning and management and partner with experienced remedial contractors for delivery.
Soil hazard categorisation to manage soil in line with EPA guidelines, whether as a waste product or construction material. Our experience in the infrastructure sector promotes management of soil to be considered at an early stage of each project to avoid unexpected delays and cost.

Environmental management for construction and project planning for project construction and operation phases. These requirements can be met by Ground Science through preparation of specific environmental management plans, project management support and ongoing environmental monitoring or validation sampling.
Hydrogeological assessments to protect and manage groundwater as a resource, through an informed conceptual groundwater model supported by field testing. Typical requirements for hydrogeological assessments include growth area development, basement construction and long-term environmental monitoring.
Hazardous material management We provide consultation and practical guidance on the assessment and management of hazardous materials, particularly asbestos, lead paints, synthetic mineral fibres and PCBs.
Wastewater management assessment and design to promote our view of wastewater as a potential beneficial resource rather than a waste product. This informs completion of land capability assessments (LCA) as well as preparation of environment improvement plans (EIP) to provide the legislative framework for ongoing operation of wastewater reuse schemes.